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Jul 18, 2011 1:00am PDT
former news international ceo rebecca brooks is now out on bail. she was arrested on sunday. brooks is expected to testify at a parliamentary hearing on tuesday. rue put murdock and his son james are expected to testify as well. we'll have much more on that on "world business today" in just a moment. >>> mubarak is reportedly suffering from many problems including irregular heartbeat and complications from cancer. he's supposed to go to trial on august for allegedly ordering police to kill protestier. >>> human activist nelson mandela turns 93 today. ♪ happy birthday to you >> they're asking people to vote 67 minutes to help others in honor of nelson mandela's birthday. one minute for each year of his life. "world business today" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, everyone, and a very warm welcome to you on "world business today." i'm anisha tank in honor congressing. >> as the crisis at news corp deepens, we'll look at rue put murdock's empire. >>> the debt crisis continues on both sides of the atlantic. >>> and protecting its pretty tors. the paci
Jul 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
-news international chief rebekah brooks will prepare to face british legislators. >>> two giants of tech as ibm powers ahead but cisco loses its way. >>> and banks lead the losses as debt ditherring continues to drag the world stock markets. >>> rupert murdoch's power and influence will be put to the test later today. he and also his son, james, will be facing uk legislators in just a few hours from now. they'll also be alongside rebekah brooks, former editor of the "news of the world." it's expected to be a harsh grilling for the three individuals over what they knew about alleged phone hacking at the london tabloid "news of the world." those allegations have done quite as much to damage rupert murdoch's reputation as they've done to "news of the world's" stock. it's been plummeting. >> the company's become the target of a hack attack itself. lulzsec is claiming a hack attack with a fake story about murdoch being found dead in his garden. in a tragic turn one of the first journalists to expose hacking at "news of the world" was found dead on monday. sean hull was former "news of the world" emp
Jul 11, 2011 4:00am EDT
" is climbing the corporate ladder with reports that rebeba brooks is set to speak to police. >>> companies and consumers cry foul as australia's prime minister imposes a tax on the country's worst polluters. >>> they're trying to keep greece on tack. their grossing fears of the debt contagion is affecting italy. >> before all of that, let's take you to the stock markets and the aftershocks from friday's dismal stock report. only 18,000 jobs had been added in jeune in the u.s., much lower than expected. so unemployment ticked up 209.2% in the united states and it was a similar scene in europe where the markets opened down. charles, where do things stand at the moment. >> well, we're one hour into trading and we're looking at losses, big concerns over the solver debt crisis. report in a german newspaper is speculating that england may have to be included the bailout. so the european debt crisis is extending beyond grease, portugal and ireland and potentially italy. this is where we're looking at the european stock markets. off by more than 1% with the paris cac. reasons do with the greek deb
Jul 8, 2011 1:00am PDT
that former editors like rebecca brooks work remains chief executive of the parent company, must have sanctioned the hacking. something she always denied. she's a close friend with prime minister david cameron, and an awkward fact, but that didn't stop him from saying this this government is making sure the fact that the public, murder victims, terror victims who had their phones hacked is disgraceful. >> reporter: one thing that went wrong for the prime minister was the decision to hire this man as communications guru, andy coulson is a former news of the world editor who lost his job at number 10 and may now be facing criminal charges. this man's son died in a terrorist attack and thinks sensitive cell phone messages were accessed by coulson's reporters. >> the thought that somebody may have been listening to me begging for david to phone home was very difficult. i thought we were in a dire place, i didn't think anybody could make it darker. >> reporter: for rupp pert murdoch the dramatic decision to close "news of the world" doesn't mean the scandal is over. there is still a police
Jul 15, 2011 4:00am EDT
repeatededly inviting rebecca brooks to testify. >> the
Jul 7, 2011 1:00am PDT
, rebecca brooks under incredible pressure. he's now chief executive of the parent company, news international. and maintains she knew nothing about phone hacking. rupe rupert murdoch is her ultimate boss. his news corporation is trying to take over broadcaster bib. there are claims that deal has been stopped. and in parliament, allegations there was a cover-up of the hacking. and that goes right to the top of the company, including rupert murdoch's son. >> mr. james murdoch is the chairman. it is clear now that he personally, without board approval, authorized money to be paid by his company to silence people who had been hacked. and to cover-up criminal behavior in his organization. this is nothing short of an attempt to pervert the course of justice. >> reporter: murdoch's news international denies any cover-up. and in a statement, it says, it welcomes the call for a public inquiry. the atmosphere down here at westminster can only be described as febrile. rebecca brooks remains in her post. but her friendships with the likes of tony blair and david cameron is on the real strai
Jul 14, 2011 1:00am PDT
is the deadline, we're told, fora bekaa brooks, the embattle embattled chief international to respond before a committee of politicians on wednesday. we're told 9:20 is the latest she could respond. after that who knows what will happen after that. theoretically she could be forced to attend by the sergeant at arms' office which is sort of an old ancient office here. they've never, in recent memory, had to frog march someone into committee but that's a possible prospect if she decides she won't turn up or answer the invitation. they cant force rupert and james murdoch to turn up because they're not british but rebecca brooks they can. >> dan rivers joining us live from london. many thanks. >>> in the u.s., members of congress are calling for a home grown investigation into hacking and bribery allegations against newscorp. u.s. senator jay rock feller is among those who's asking the justice department to look into reports that newscorp executives allegedly bribed police officers. if americans were involved, rockefeller who you see there, says the company may have violated federal anti-bribery
Jul 15, 2011 1:00am PDT
repeatededly inviting rebecca brooks to testify. >> the allegation was they were told, members of that committee were told, do not invite her again. do not press this one, do not push it, because if you do, you'll regret it. that was made very clear. >> reporter: a news corporation spokesman would not comment on that allegation. are you concerned that they might hit back at you and dig into your personal life or whatever? >> i'm not worried about my personal life nor am i worried about my next term. i've been here 27 years. when you grow up in a poverty stricken area and poverty stricken household, you develop a thin skin. i don't scare that easily. >> reporter: a news corporation spokesman would not comment when we asked him about the possibility of congressional hearings, would not comment on the fbi investigation. but in an interview with his open paper, the "wall street journal," rue further murdock defended his company's handling of this crisis and vowed to establish an independent committee that will investigate every charge of improper conduct. brian todd, cnn, washingto
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am EDT
is still in london and standing by his embattled chief collective rebekah brooks but her position is precarious, now that more of the operation has been dragged into the scandal. news international issued a statement saying "so that we can investigate these matters further we ask that all information concerning these allegations is provided to us." it was the revelation that murdered school girl milly dowler's phone had been hacked into that caused this story to explode. her family met senior government officials monday to seek reassurances about a promised inquiry. their lawyer voicing concerns about links between the prime minister and rupert murdoch. >> the first visitor to ten downing street after the general election, first visitor to david cameron the visitor was rupert murdoch. questions need to be asked about the relationships between them and that's why we say that there needs to be a judge which has a power to compel witnesses to attend so that we can force them to be there to answer questions under oath to give evidence properly, not to shy away from it, not to hide awa
Jul 6, 2011 1:00am PDT
thought. it's putting huge pressure on rebecca brooks, who edited the paper in 2002 and now runs the parent company, news international. in a statement to colleagues she denies knowing about phone hacking saying she's sickened by the allegations, adding if true, the devastating effect on milly dowler's family is unforgivable. her former boss has already been questioned by a powerful committee of politicians telling them phone hacking was the work of a lone rogue reporter. >> i believe he was the only person, but that investigation under the new editor continues. >> but the committee chairman has never been convinced. >> we set up a time. the claims that were made to us that this was the ak tiftds of one reporter and nobody else had any involvement. we said then we didn't believe that. >> news international executives have been summoned to a meeting with detectives here at scotland yard. the fundamental question remains. who knew about phone hacking and how long has it been going on? dan rivers, cnn, london. >> well, the decision to withdraw advertising revenue and advertising bus
Jul 13, 2011 1:00am PDT
and news international ceo rebekah brooks will also testify on july 19. on tuesday london police officers publicly answered questions about this scandal. assistant commissioner john yates said he regretted his decision to not pursue inquiries of breaches back in 2009. nina? >> pauline, police carrying out the current inquiry at the moment are saying they're examining thousands of pages of evidence as a result. we should also mention that only 170 people have actually been told that they have been targeted during this alleged hacking. that's just a fraction of what may be the real total. that's today's big number we're focusing on at the moment. 3,870, that's the total number of possible hacking victims whose details were found in those notes seized by a private investigator working for news international. he was jailed back in 2007 after he admitted phone hacking when he was employed by the news of the world, he admitted he undertook phone hacking. as a result he was jailed for six months. again, we're getting the names of the people, pauline, saying they've been targeted. so far the numb
Jul 20, 2011 1:00am PDT
for rebekah brooks. >> we have paid police in the time for past. i have never knowingly sanctioned a payment to a police officer. i was referring to -- if you saw at the time of the home affairs select committee recently that you had various crime editors from fleet street discussing that in the past payments have been made to police officers. i was referring to that wide held belief, not widespread practice. in fact, in my experience in dealing with police, the information they comes to newspapers comes free of charge. >> reporter: the scandal has come at an incredible cost to news international. a year ago the name murdoch put fear into the hearts of many british politicians. today it was clear the politicians had no fear. dan rivers, cnn, westminster. >>> there was no question about how investors felt about the hearing. news corp stock jumped by 5.5% on the nasdaq to $16.25 following an extended decline over the past two years. felicia taylor measures the impact this scandal has had on news corp's bottom line. >> it was a long day of testimony before parliament and a long day for investor
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)